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Monday, September 14, 2015

Jacqui Lambie's son feels betrayed

Dylan Milverton

Lacqui Lambie's son Dylan Milverton feels betrayed by his mother for outing him as an ice addict without talking to him first.

He was shocked when his mother made a speech in the Senate about his ice addiction and accused her of using him "for her own political pull."

"I didn't warn anyone I would do this" Senator Lambie said.  "I wasn't sure I would have the courage to stand up in the Senate to talk about this, I'm running out of options for my son."

Senator Lambie

But Dylan has another point of view.

"It's never been about me at the end of the day" he said.  "Growing up, my brother was the footy star and it was always about him. Everyone knew me as his little brother and then my mum became a Senator..... and now I'm known as a ****ing meth head."

He said he had an unhappy childhood and grew up around alcohol abuse.  Money was tight and the family shopped at St Vinnies.

In a confronting episode of Australian Story last year, Jacqui admitted she was an alcoholic and once attempted suicide. 

"I looked after my mum when she was sick" Dylan said.  "When I ran away from home when I was 15, the next day she walked in front of a car.  I got a phone call from my uncle basically saying my mum's in hospital and it's your fault - but my mum wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for me, I stood by her."

"She checked herself out of hospital after a couple of days and then I went back and looked after her."

His first experience with rehab was when he was 15 years old and although he's prepared to go back, he's convinced it won't work.  "I don't have goals, I have had everything taken from me, if I get $1000, I'd rather give it to somebody else and watch them smile about it."

"I just want to be left alone, I don't need help, I'm just happy doing what I'm doing.  She's got no control over what I do with my life, and even though I'm voluntarily going back into rehab, it doesn't mean I won't get out in 12 months time and get straight back onto it."

The first time Dylan visited Parliament House was during an excursion from his rehab clinic and he went back when his mother made her maiden speech.

Last year he was off the drugs for six months when he "hit the gym" to bulk up.

President of the Drug Law Foundation Dr Alex Wodak warned that going public with a drug addiction wasn't the best way to handle the situation.

"I'm very sympathetic with her plight, but I don't think it's a great idea at all to reveal somebody else's health problem to a nation. Everyone's got a right to privacy, including her son" he said.