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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Malcolm Turnbull and the Nationals

Nationals Leader, Warren Truss

Knifing a Liberal Prime Minister in the back for no apparent reason was something nobody expected would ever happen.  

Tony Abbott was the man who took the LNP to government after the disastrous years of Labor and he did what he said he would do - he stopped the boats, tightened our borders, introduced tough new terrorism laws and got rid of the carbon tax.

But it wasn't enough and MalcolmTurnbull, the man many believe belongs in the Labor Party because of his leftist views, got what he always believed was his destiny - to become Prime Minister of Australia. 

Tony Abbott - out

It was a foregone conclusion that the Nationals would never agree to work with Malcolm Turnbull as leader, but the new PM has proved them wrong by making their loyalty worthwhile.

Although Nationals leader Warren Truss wasn't happy with the change of leader, he was determined to draw up an agreement between the two Coalition parties so that "in the future, it couldn't be misinterpreted."

And it seems to have worked out very nicely, in fact Malcolm didn't say 'no' to any of their demands and the people in the bush should be feeling pretty happy right now.

Macolm Turnbull - in

"If they want us to support them, then regional Australia has to have its fair share of the cake too" Mr Truss said.

Mr Turnbull would dearly love to make same-sex marriage legal and change the climate policy tomorrow but Mr Truss made him promise that he will leave both existing policies alone. So when he stands up in Parliament and defends their worth, he's lying through his teeth.

Many other agreements were made but the big win for the Nationals is the shift of the $2.5 billion dollar water portfolio from the Liberals to the Nationals.

Tim Fisher

Yesterday former Nationals Leader Tim Fisher expressed his belief that the new PM would deliver for regional Australia. "Don't underestimate the broadness of his vision and his capabilities" he said.