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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sam Ibrahim set to be deported

Sam Ibrahim

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has ordered the deportation of Sydney bikie boss Sam Ibrahim who is currently in jail awaiting trial on gun racketeering charges.  He was born in Lebanon and came to Australia as a child.

Minister Dutton is revoking Ibrahim's residency visa on the grounds he failed the Government's character test for foreign nationals and has already signed papers ordering his deportation.

Ibrahim brothers, Sam. Michael and John

Ibrahim, former president of the Parramatta chapter of the Nomads motor cycle gang, has 28 days to appeal.

"We won't tolerate people coming to our country and thinking they can commit serious crime and remain here - if they are here on a visa and involved in criminal activity, we will remove them and eliminate the threat they pose to our community."

This year, 415 criminals had their visas cancelled and of that group, 57 have already left Australia. Ten dual citizens currently in jail for terrorist offences will also be deported, once they complete their sentences.

The new laws will go before Parliament next week and if passed, they will give the minister the power to revoke Australian citizenship of dual nationals jailed for at least six years for terrorism.