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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Azad Chaiwala's polygamy UK websites

Aaliya Brown and Azad Chaiwala

Azad Chaiwala, a Muslim in the UK who runs polygamy matchmaking websites and said today on morning television that men who want a second wife are born that way, just like homosexuals are born gay.

He told Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain that he has over 100,000 members who pay 20 pound a month to belong.

He said "There's an institute in this country called marriage and we must admit that it breaks down because of infidelity and there are a lot of men, decent men, who find it hard because they don't want to have affairs, but they have an urge."

Morgan said "Well hang on, we don't have Sharia law here - we don't have multiple wives for husbands - you want to have your cake and eat it too - if you want this, go and live in a Muslim country where it's law."

Apparently Muslim men can have second wives in faith-based services or civil ceremonies, in other words under Sharia law which is tolerated but not recognised as law in the UK.

Ms Brown was then asked by Suzanna Reid why she would want to be anybody's second wife rather than a sole partner.

"It's a matter of filling a void - would I rather be lonely or sharing a good husband?"  

Ms Reid then said she was accepting a poor compromise but she denied this.  "Sometimes it could be a compromise but it depends what you are looking for.

Mr Chaiwala is himself looking for a second wife but says he hasn't found her yet because he's very fussy.  When asked if his wife was happy about the idea, he said no, she was "not entirely happy."

Mr Chaiwala seems to be saying that if his Muslim male customers are not content with one partner and are sexually unfulfilled, by taking another wife, it's an honourable way of fixing the problem.