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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Is Derryn Hinch falling off the wagon?

Newly elected Senator Derryn Hinch 72, has turned out to be a big disappointment.  Once a hero for going to prison rather than pay a fine for releasing the name of the Jill Meagher's killer, and his constant crusade against keeping paedophiles names secret, he's done the unthinkable.

After receiving a life-saving liver and promising his surgeons never to drink again, Hinch is losing his resolve to stay away from alcohol.

He claimed his surgeon gave him permission to drink again but Mike Ahern, chairman of the Australian Liver Foundation said no competent doctor would ever say such a stupid thing.

Mr Ahern said that Hinch needed to admit he is an alcoholic and 'get off the booze completely' after his ex, Natasha Chadwick exposed his drinking habits on Twitter.

"I've had the odd glass of wine, perhaps one-third wine and two-thirds water with Natasha at birthdays and events like Christmas" he said.

Not true, according to the Herald Sun.     "......since then he's been back on it regularly, starting the day with non-alcoholic beer for breakfast, then moving to his Edenvale non-alcoholic wine and then moving on to harder stuff" an unnamed source said.  "He's even spent an afternoon at a pub in Redfern and come home stinking of alcohol" they added.

In Hinch's maiden speech in the Senate, he humbly acknowledged the sacrifice Heath Gardner's family made to save his life and give him their loved one's liver. 

One can only imagine what they are thinking now.