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Friday, December 12, 2008

Paul McCartney upsets his neighbours

The British Government allows farmers to humanely cull deer and boar if they are a threat to the environment, farming or human safety. But Sir Paul is having none of it, he likes his boars and is allowing them to breed like rabbits and wreak havoc on his property and the neighbours are understandably furious.

The neighbours argue that crops, trees and gardens are being ruined by the animals who can weigh as much as a horse.

Sir Paul, a vege and animal rights campaigner will not hear of his boars being shot and is happy to let them overrun his 1500 acre estate in Sussex.

Neighbours say the boars are ruining crops, trees and gardens in the area.

Wild boar can be very dangerous and will attack people to protect their young. They have tusks and teeth like razors and a charging boar could kill someone.