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Monday, December 29, 2008

Lakes Entrance, cruise of the lakes

Just a short walk through the scrub behind where these boats are beached, is 90 mile beach.

Decided to go on a three hour afternoon cruise of the lakes yesterday, the weather was beautiful. But our captain wasn't a happy camper, he was annoyed at the jet skis and ski boats who were hooning around the lakes when there was a 10 knot speed limit, he said it happens every year.

Four days ago this beautiful 18 year old girl pictured here with her father on Christmas Day, died when she was thrown from a speedboat that hit a tree on Lake Eildon at 1 pm in the morning. A 16 year old male who was driving the boat has since been charged with manslaughter. The lake was low and the tree was half submerged and difficult to see in broad daylight - the mind boggles.

The captain and his wife run the local afternoon cruise in peak time at Lakes Entrance. He drives the boat and his wife, a very friendly lady who likes to chat, makes fresh scones every trip and serves them with home made strawberry jam and cream. She cooks them on board and she brought out an enormous tray for everyone, then we were served with tea or coffee.

Molly Campbell, who belongs to Sean, a member of the crew, is a 10 year old bitza this and bitza that, and also a very important crew member.