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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reflections Arthur River Cruise

The Captain

Rainforest Walk

Sea Eagle Nest

There are two boats operating Arthur River cruises, one does a barbecue lunch but we chose the other one which promised a 'gourmet lunch with a walk in the rain forest'.

It's a full day out, boarding at 10am and back at 4pm but the time didn't seem to drag at all. Over lunch, soon perfect strangers were all chatting away, everyone has a story to tell of how we got to this place in the wilderness.

The captain has a few sea eagles on the payroll and they know each other well. When he spots them, he stops the boat and places a salmon in the water, then everyone rushes for their camera and right before your eyes, a beautiful bird swoops down, picks up the fish and flies into a nearby tree. I got so excited, I mucked up almost every shot.

It was only 13 degrees today, in February, our hottest summer month. The captain said there was a Gale force 9 wind last night and it continued all day but once we got up the river, it was smooth sailing.
A wonderful day I will never forget.