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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spirit of Tasmania

We got to the pier at 7am and it didn't take very long to get on board, park and head upstairs into the ship. We had a quick look at our cabin, (very small with own ensuite) had some toast and coffee and read the weekend papers in one of the lounges.

We went into the restaurant for lunch at 1pm and had an overpriced meal which was rather disappointing, then returned to our cabin.

It took ten hours instead of nine to cross and towards the end of the voyage I noticed that parents with small children were at the end of their rope and people sitting near them looked about ready to commit suicide.

It cost a fortune and it's supposed to be a special deal because the kids are now back at school and it's not peak time anymore. Here's the special deal:

2 adults, 1 x twin bed cabin with porthole, 5 metre Grand Cheroke Jeep, 9 metre Jayco Heritage
1 x kennell, total $749.00.

But I enjoyed every minute of it.