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Monday, February 23, 2009

Stanley, Tasmania

The Nut

Many of the original pioneers are buried here in this cemetery with a view

The Town

Now that's a view

You can walk up or pay $10 and take the chairlift.

Double click photo to enlarge image.

The nut is the plug of a volcano. Imagine a volcano getting ready to erupt, the pressure underground builds up and up and all of a sudden it runs out of puff and stops. When it cools down it's stays that way. Over millions of years the outside rock gets washed away by the elements and what you have left is the plug - the nut. The lady in the Visitor's Centre showed me what geologists think it would have looked like thousands of years ago and it's much higher and wider than it is today.

It's an interesting place to visit and on a beautiful sunny day like this one, the views are fantastic. If you are fit enough, you can walk to the top or pay $10 and get the chair lift.

There is free camping on the wharf, several caravans were parked here and it's not in the Camps 4 book.