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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Waratah, Tasmania

Waterfall in the front street

The Pub

View from the Pub
Across from the Caravan Park

The Caravan Park

I will always remember Waratah because it's the only town I've ever been to that has a waterfall in the front street. Its other claim to fame is that it's the wettest place in Australia with an average 314 rainy days a year, even during summer.

This part of Tasmania is so rugged, the road through here wasn't finished until 1963. In 1871 James Smith discovered tin on Mount Bischoff which made Waratah the richest tin mine in the world at that time. Now it's a lovely place to stop over on the way to Cradle Mountain.

We are camping on lush green grass instead of dried up chaff, we haven't even bothered to put the mat down under the awning - sheer bliss. $20 a night, mobile/internet access, no tv reception. We may have to invest in a satellite dish.