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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Islamic convert beaten for drinking alcohol

Four men have been arrested for allegedly whipping a man for drinking alcohol, prohibited under Shari law. Four bearded men broke into the bedroom of a 31 year old man in Silverwater at 1 am on Sunday. Three men held him down while the fourth, Wassim Fayad, allegedly lashed him for over half an hour with electrical cable. The victim is a recent Islamic convert and told police he recognised the men from his local mosque and said they set out to punish him for having a few drinks with friends. He said he is living in fear since the attack.

Police arrested a 20 year old man at his home in Auburn yesterday charged with aggravated break and enter and for committing a serious indictable offence. He was refused bail and will appear in Burwood Court today. A search warrant was issued for a second man in Auburn who was charged with assault and resisting arrest but was granted bail and will appear in Parramatta Children’s court on August 18.

It seems that once again, the Muslim community in Sydney have put themselves above the law of this country. Sharia law may condone breaking into someone’s home and beating them, but Australian law does not and our legal profession needs to make it abundantly clear that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated.
Edit 28 February 2013. The four men have been found guilty.    The judge ruled Mr Martinez had withdrawn his consent and it was not properly informed consent in the first place. They will be sentenced at a later date.