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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Prince Albert's Unhappy Bride

It is alleged that Princess Charlene tried to do a runner three times before her wedding to Prince Albert but the palace confiscated her passport. The royals must be desperate for an heir to be born on the right side of the blanket as the results of a DNA test are about to be released that will prove that the Prince has fathered yet another illegitimate child.

The wedding cost a cool $110 million and the lavish honeymoon will be in her homeland, South Africa, so she won't have far to run to friends and family if she changes her mind. So has Charlene been courted to produce an heir to the throne in exchange for the right to live like a Queen? Her father, Mike Wittstock said "I'm so disappointed that people believe all this nonsense, it feels like we have just won the World Cup."