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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sydney Prostitute Charged with Extortion

Bal Krishnan made a terrible mistake when he decided to use the services of Filipino prostitute “Belle” Haywood after seeing her phone number advertised in a newspaper. She came to his cafe in Burwood where they had sex on the “kitchen bench and floor”, he paid her fee of $150, and she left.

But she came back the next day and told him he owed her $8000 because she hurt her back during the sexual encounter and because she couldn’t work, she was “losing $2000 a night”. The cafe owner said he "couldn't pay that sort of money" but Haywood allegedly said: "You have to come up with the money - my boss belongs to a bikie gang and he's very pissed off - he can be very dangerous." Krishnan eventually handed over $13,700 in four payments.

Police arrested Haywood while she was talking to Krishnan on a mobile phone and claims that he gave her the money of his own free will. Her lawyer entered not guilty pleas to four charges of extortion in Penrith Local Court on Friday.