Closing down The News of the World was an unexpected, drastic step and two hundred staff who now find themselves out of a job are understandably angry. Yesterday they questioned why Ms. Brooks had not resigned earlier. “Our paper was sacrificed to save her career, and now she’s gone as well,” one former employee said “Who knows why they’ve chosen to do it now, as she’ll have to appear before the select committee anyway.”

Nine people have been arrested so far, including Andy Coulson, a former close associate of Ms. Brooks and once a senior aide to Prime Minister Cameron. Coulson denies that he “actively encouraged” reporters to illegally intercept voicemail messages while he was editor of News of the World.

Now the focus has shifted to police involvement in the scandal and Sir Paul Stephenson, head of London’s Metropolitan Police, has been asked to resign. One gets the impression that many more heads are ready to roll.