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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Craig Thomson Denies Everything

MP Craig Thomson is still denying everything. His claim that another union official repaid $15,000 for prostitute services is now in serious doubt because a former senior Health Services Union official has come forward and says the only person who paid back $15,000 to the union in recent years was former Victorian state secretary Jeff Jackson, and it had nothing to do with prostitutes.

Thomson told 2UE : "The union reached a settlement with another gentleman who paid back $15,000 in relation to the use of credit cards at an escort agency. I don't know whether he forged my signature or who did."

Now the opposition want the police to get involved, saying that if Thomson’s claims are true - that someone else used his credit card - then a crime has been committed by someone else.

This sordid affair is not going away and the Honourable Member of Parliament Craig Thomson could possibly go into the history books as the man who brought down the minority Labor government.