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Thursday, August 11, 2011

London Rioters Rob Restaurant Patrons


Patrons were sitting in a restaurant in an upmarket hotel in Notting Hill on Monday night when suddenly a group of young thugs kicked down the front door, burst into the dining room screaming abuse and demanded that terrified women give up their jewelery, took wallets from the men and everyone's mobile phone.

Head chef of Ledbury restaurant Brett Graham said "It was quite horrific actually, there were 20 or 30 blokes, young kids, breaking into the restaurant and kicking the door with such force, it took them quite some time to break it - a big thick glass door about three metres high and a metre and a half wide" he said. "Eventually it shattered and they all went in and stole things off the customers." They took engagement rings, wedding rings, phones and wallets - anything of value.

When the kitchen staff heard what was happening outside, chefs came running wielding kitchen utensils and an Australian bartender grabbed a cricket bat as looters trashed the restaurant and bar area. They managed to chase them off and hid the patrons in the cellar just in time as the mob returned for a second time but left soon after. Luckily, no one was injured.

Meanwhile, Scotland's first minister Alex Salmond is blowing his own trumpet saying that he's offended by the newspaper headline "UK Riots". He doesn't like the idea of Scotland being included as part of the UK and says that Scottish society is not like that in England and riots are far less likely to occur. The man is obviously short on brains to say such a stupid thing, you have plenty of undisciplined, unemployed youth in Scotland just ready to run amok Mr Salmond.

David Cameron is probably loathe to bring the Army in, it's an admission of defeat, but now people have actually been killed, something more needs to be done.