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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Craig Thomson Must Resign

It doesn't seen right that the Prime Minister be allowed to close down question time to avoid answering tricky questions. But that's what happened yesterday - rather than face the music and deal with questions about Craig Thomson, Julia Gillard walked out. Now that the Health Services Union have dobbed him in and given everything they have on him to police, things will only get worse and the Prime Minister can't keep running away forever. This is a scandal of mammoth proportions.

The media won't let this one go, they will pursue him to the bitter end. There is nothing more newsworthy that a member of parliament behaving badly and this one takes the cake - a member of Parliament who spent thousands of dollars to maintain a lifestyle he had grown accustomed to, using his union credit card, it was just so easy.

But is he arrogant or just plain dumb? He used his own name and phone number for the services of prostitutes and left a trail behind him a mile wide. What was the Labor Party thinking when they nominated this man to represent their party? I hope the media will pursue this angle and find out how he ever got to Canberra in the first place.

I hope the Honourable Member isn't planning a trip to hospital any time soon, I'm sure the nurses he represented would make his stay a very pleasant one.