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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Australian Muslims on US Terror List

Melanie Brown, ex Australian soldier, wife of Willie Brigitte

WikiLeaks has published the names of 23 Australian-based citizens who are on a US "terror list". The secret cable lists 11 individuals for the NO-FLY list and twelve for the SELECTEE list. Attorney General Robert McClelland is furious and has called the release of the cable "incredibly irresponsible" and that it compromises ASIO investigations into terror suspects. I don't agree, we need to know who these people are and now we know their names.

Rabiah Hutchinson is an Australian woman who was once married to a confidant of bin Laden and lived in Afghanistan under the strict rule of the Taliban on September 11, 2001. She has been tracked by ASIO for twenty years. Now 58 years old, her daughter Rahmah Wisudo 28, and her two sons are not only on the "no-fly" list but mentioned in some detail.

Hutchinson was born in Mudgee and converted to Islam while travelling to Indonesia as a 19 year backpacker and became a supporter of Islamic clerics Abu Bakar Bashir and Abdullah Sunkar who later formed the group Jemaah Islamiah and were responsible for the 2002 Bali bombings. She was brought back to Australia from Iran by ASIO in 2003 and has lived in Lakemba ever since. It's alleged that she has links to radical Yemini cleric Anwar al-Aulaqi who has ties to al-Qaeda. Ms Hutchinson has never faced terrorism charges and says she is innocent but the Americans aren't convinced and are concerned that she could be involved in recruiting females for future terror attacks. The cable reads "While we have every confidence Australian authorities can and will monitor her activities, her past history and association with al-Aulaqi, merits her being on our no-fly status." Her two sons, Abdullah and Illias were arrested in 2006 in Yemen along with Sydney man Marek Samulski and accused of being part of an al-Qaeda cell running guns to Somalia. They were held in a Yemini jail for eight weeks until they were cleared and deported back to Australia. Marek Samulski is also on the list.

French authorities have warned that Lakemba cleric Sheik Abdel Salam Zoud is an important contact to French terrorist Willie Brigette but the Sheik says he has never had any connection to terrorism and only met Brigette once. Nevertheless, he's on the list. Brigitte, another Islamic convert, tried to get information from his new Australian wife Melanie Brown who was an ex soldier. He wanted to know about the transmission systems and low frequency electronic transmitting antennae the US installed in Pine Gap. He also forgot to tell her that he had two wives and three children back in France.

I notice there have been quite a few "Engish-sounding" surnames involved in making unsavory headlines lately, people who have a burning desire to convert to Islam. David Hick for one, Carnita Matthews another, the mother of six who falsely accused a policeman of trying to rip off her veil. Only recently, a man broke into a convert's house and flogged him because he had a few drinks with his mates and we can go back even further to Jill Courtney, Shane Kent and Joseph Terence Thomas. All these people are converts to Islam.

Why is it so?