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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Asylum Seekers High Court Decision

Yesterday, when the High Court ruled that it was not going to allow the government to send asylum seekers to Malaysia, Julia Gillard looked stunned. Chris Bowen told us before the verdict was announced that the government was on very strong legal grounds but he lied, because they were not. One would think that the Commonwealth's legal experts would anticipate what the High Court's concerns might be, but they didn't, they were completely incompetent and negligent in their duties and now the Prime Minister has egg all over her face.

Thinking about how much money Labor has wasted on trying to solve the problem of people smugglers is very distressing, pouring millions of dollars into saving face by not reinstating Temporary Protection Visas and sending refugees for processing to Nauru, something they have said for years was an “inhumane Liberal policy”. And what about Malaysia? Imagine how they are feeling today after learning that their country didn’t measure up to Australia’s High Court standards, pretty insulting.

It's a terrible feeling, knowing that the Gillard government is ruining our beautiful country and not being able to do anything about it. But the Independents can. Wilkie, Oakeshott and Windsor want us to believe they are honourable men, well let's see how honourable they really are.

They now know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this new disaster regarding asylum seekers, is proof that the Gillard government is not fit to govern and someone should do something to bring their disastrous rule to an end. The money they have wasted, not only on this issue, but on every other policy they have undertaken, is criminal.

They are spending more money on asylum seekers than us - their own people - we need new hospitals, more nurses, more public housing and more jobs. Our standard of living is going down the toilet so, hello Ms Gillard - what about us?