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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Qantas CEO Pay Rise

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce was awarded 2.2 million dollars worth of shares in 2010/11 which gives him an annual $5.1 million dollar package. It's easy to see why he's the golden boy, Qantas management have just given themselves a pay rise to celebrate Mr Joyce's brilliant idea - to sack 1,000 Australian workers and replace them with lower paid staff offshore.

The Pilot Union's President Richard Woodward said there will be around 180 pilots who will either have to face redundancy or take leave without pay to avoid being made redundant. Pilots will voice their fury at the Qantas AGM next month and are hoping a motion of no confidence in the management team will be put forward.

Fair Work Australia have been a big disappointment, they rejected the pilots' bid to work for a Qantas subsidiary that was covered by Australian pay and conditions. Pilots employed by Jetconnect are paid about 30 per cent less than pilots of similar seniority and rank working for Qantas in Australia.

The plane is painted in Qantas colours, but it's got a New Zealand registration and you have to look down the back end of the plane to see it. The pilot and cabin crew wear Qantas uniforms and the interior is fitted out like a Qantas 737. They will attempt to fool people into believing they are flying Qantas when in fact they are not.

Our beloved airline is under attack from a little Irishman who set out to make Qantas a handsome profit, but in so doing, he's been allowed to destroy one of our most treasured Aussie icons.