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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Carbon Tax D-Day

Greg Combet

Shortly after midday today, Greg Combet will introduce the Carbon Tax Bill which will be debated as one package. The Opposition is furious that the government has only allowed 35 hours to debate the entire package which is less than one minute of debate per bill per member.

But Mr Combet said there have been 35 parliamentary enquiries into climate change and it was now time to get on with it. "Everyone will get the opportunity to speak on the bills" he said.

Tony Abbott said it was a "travesty of democracy" for the government to rush this legislation through Parliament because they had no mandate to introduce a carbon tax and promised to repeal the laws once the Coalition government was elected.

When asked about concerns that repealing the tax could cause disruption to business Mr Abbott replied "It's never disruptive to get rid of a bad tax."