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Monday, September 19, 2011

Boy survives in German Woods

There is a real life mystery surrounding a teenage boy and his father who have been living rough in the woods in Germany for five years. They were always on the move, sleeping in tents and dugouts and hunted and foraged for food. Is it possible they survived without any welfare assistance and lived entirely off the land in the twenty first century? German police say that the story is actually "credible".

The boy 17 who calls himself Ray is 5 ft 11 in with blond hair and blue eyes. He told police that his father died after a fall and he buried him in a shallow grave with rocks piled on top, just before he set off for Berlin to get help. He can't tell police exactly where his father is buried, only that he followed his compass north towards Berlin as his father had instructed him to do in the event of an emergency.

The teenager turned up at Berlin Town Hall on the 5th September. He speaks a little German but is fluent in English and experts are working on his accent to find out where he comes from. Interpol are trying to match the description of any missing child from countries all over the world. He says that he and his father Ryan moved to the forest after his mother Doreen was killed in a car accident.

Because there is a possibility that he may have suffered mental trauma, he is being interviewed for psychiatric evaluation. Berlin police will release a photograph of the youth if no further progress is made on his identify.

He arrived wearing winter clothes and a backpack containing a tent, sleeping bag and some survival tools, including a compass. Although he looked rather dishelvelled, he is in good physical health.

Update 16/06/2012:   It's a hoax. Police published his photo worldwide on Tuesday and his Dutch step-mother recognized him.  He left Holland just 3 days before showing up in Berlin with his fantastic story.  Posing as a teen, he was collecting youth welfare benefits in Germany, when he is actually a 20 year old adult.