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Monday, July 30, 2012

Brendan Lauritz - homeless financial planner

Brendan Lauritz was once a wealthy man who knows how it feels to hit "rock bottom."  He used to live the privileged life of a successful financial planner but lost everything, including his family and friends, when he made some bad investment choices.  For the past three years, he has been living in a small tent, hidden among the sand dunes at a Gold Coast beach.  .

When he lost his house, he started living out of his car, a BMW 5 Series, worth $130,000 but when it was repossessed, he was left on the street with all his worldly possessions - two bags and a doona.

Huddled under a picnic bench in the middle of the night during a howling storm, freezing cold and sopping wet, he realized it couldn't possibly get any worse.  He became depressed, anxious and at times, even paranoid.

He survives off Centrelink payments and has applied for 400 jobs without success but is optimistic about "coming back bigger than ever."  Every morning he gets up early, goes for a run, meditates and walks four kilometres to the local library and Rosies soup kitchen where he makes his big plans.  He bathes and washes his clothes in the ocean.

He's written a book about his ordeal called Working Backwards: From Miseree to Destin-ee to Happy-me and has a web site