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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sophie Mirabella on Q and A

Coalition Frontbencher Sophie Mirabella recoiled in horror on Monday night when lobby group GetUp Director Simon Sheikh tried to take a sip of water and slowly slumped forward onto the desk.

The panel was there to discuss the newly imposed carbon tax and were taken by complete surprise when Simon became so unwell, he actually fainted on air.

No one was more shocked than Ms Mirabella who was sitting next to him, and instead of a compassionate offer of help towards her co-panelist, she jerked back in her seat away from him and stared in horror at the unconscious man as crew members rushed to his aid.

Moments later, Climate Change Minister Greg Combet rushed to his side.  It turns out that Simon was recovering from a bad dose of the flu but it was Ms Mirabella's reaction that sent Twitter into a spin.  As the show continued, viewers sent in messages that appeared at the bottom of the screen and most were uncomplimentary.  Comments like "Disgusted at Sophie Marabella's reaction, no thought of helping someone in need."

Ms Mirabella said later that she had been in shock and was "unaware it was a medical emergency at the time and has since contacted Simon to wish him a speedy recovery."

GetUp was concerned about the reaction of viewers towards the Victorian MP and tweeted "Folks, please don't criticize Ms Mirabella, it was an extraordinary circumstance and everyone was shocked."

But in general, most people seem to agree with columnist Joe Hildebrand when he tweeted "Oh and if I'm ever in need of first aid, I really hope the first person on the scene isn't Sophie Mirabella."