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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Shire

Cronulla beach

Channel 10's The Shire premiered on Monday night and people haven't stopped talking about it ever since.  Cronulla locals are angry that most of the people who feature in the series are blow-ins and don't live in the area.   The Shire Mayor is furious and would like to ban it which only adds to its popularity.

The attempt by Channel 10 to shock audiences with their new so-called reality show has worked a treat.  Sophie and Vernesa stole the show, two girls who believe that looking good is what life is all about.  They are proud of their fake boobs, Botox injections and pumped-up lips and are totally oblivious of just how sad their view of life appears to ordinary folk.

Sophie lives and works in Rhodes and is planning to set up a fat-blasting business in the Shire and Vernesa works at Westfield, Miranda and lives at Lansvale.  But Ten's programming boss David Mott said it didn't matter, subjects could live, work or play in the shire and don't have to necessarily live there.

The other shock trump card was Beckaa, a part-time university student and daddy's little princess.  Picking her up from the airport in a limo rental when she returns from Dubai with a brand new nose job, we get to meet her father who didn't seem the least embarrassed about funding his daughter's lifestyle, giving her money to spend on designer clothes, cosmetic surgery or anything else her heart desires.  He might now be a known 'face' around town, but he falls way short of being a wise parent.

Apart from these three people, the rest of the cast are totally forgettable and appear to be actors following a script, which is not reality television at all.