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Friday, February 28, 2014

Lleyton Hewitt's Palm Beach house for sale

Australian tennis star Lleyton Hewitt and his wife, former Home & Away actress Bec Cartwright, have relocated to the Bahamas with their three children Ava, Cruz and Mia.

They spend most of their time over there now, to be closer to the hectic tennis circuit but still come home on a regular basis. The celebrity couple have decided to sell their beautiful home at Palm Beach.

Lleyton and Bec have had a rough time over the years dealing with our own Aussie paparazzi and are sick of the made-up stories the public are led to believe. They released this statement on their website.

The majority of this “imaginary” journalism includes quotes from insiders. It is important to understand that these “insiders” are actually magazine staff, that try to pass themselves off as journalists! 
In this weeks’ Woman’s Day where they stated Bec had a public meltdown and that we had a major argument in the streets of Paris after Lleyton received a phone call, and this all happened whilst Lleyton was still in the tournament. 
The truth is the photos were taken the night Lleyton had lost to David Ferrer and with Mia we headed to a Starbucks that we had frequented during our time in Paris. Unfortunately it was shut so we headed to another Starbucks nearby. Lleyton’s hip was hurting from his match so Bec walked ahead to check that the other Starbucks was open whilst Lleyton rang his coach, trainer and manager who were organized to meet us at that Starbucks that was closed. 
This gives you an idea of what we have to deal with week in week out, reading the lies, manufactured stories and constant attack on our relationship and private lives.
At one stage we did have a contract with Woman’s Day, but even then stories were printed that we had no control over, and the headlines always phrased in a way to create negative innuendo. We didn’t renew the contract, as we decided to take a break from the whole magazine scene, but that hasn’t stopped them.
We know that their research shows their sales increase if they have either of us on their cover. Therefore sales are much more important to them than providing truthful information for their readers. Their philosophy must be that they will do what ever is necessary and make up what ever they like so long as they can sell copies and not worry about the truth, therefore insulting the intelligence of their readers.

Bec knows Palm Beach very well.  From 1998 to 2005, she played Hayley Smith Lawson on the soap opera Home and Away which was filmed there.  They bought the property in  2005 and it's expected to sell for around $5.5 million.  

The agent is asking for expressions of interest for the three level home at 9 Palm Beach Road, Palm Beach, 44 kms from the Sydney CBD and 50 minutes by car on a good day.