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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Grant Denyer and wife in rehab accusation

There is a well respected rehab facility in Thailand called The Cabin. They call themselves "Asia's best and most respected drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment centre." 

Editor Fiona Connolly

It's a convenient location for drug addicted Aussies who can pretend to go on holiday, but after reading about Woman's Day's latest scoop, it's a bit too close for comfort because you never know who you will run into, namely other Aussies who might spill the beans.

Grant Denyer is suing Bauer Media over an article in Woman's Day that said Denyer and his wife - his former Channel 7 producer - have a $4000-a-day drug habit.  A 23 year old Victorian personal trainer Askin Karahan, said he was present when they stood up in a group therapy session at The Cabin, and admitted they were addicted to crystal meth.  Here is his story.

Askin Karahan

"Arriving at the rehab centre in Thailand was a blur for me. I was there for help with my drug addiction and didn’t know what to expect.  It was the following day in a roomful of people in group therapy I saw Grant Denyer and his wife stand up and say they were addicted to meth.
Was I shocked to see him? To hear that? Of course I was. I knew him from the weather. I think anyone would have been shocked, but that’s the thing about drugs. It takes over the best of us. Role models, actors, sportspeople, musicians, your next door neighbour…

Last year was hard for me. My mum passed away and I’d started going out a lot with my friends just to forget about it for a while. Eventually partying wasn’t enough and I started taking cocaine. It just sort of numbed everything but my family knew what was going on and they were worried about me. It’s not really about my mum, though – I don’t want to play the victim here. Plenty of people lose someone and they don’t turn to drugs. That was my choice and I know I’m not blaming anything.
My family told to me get my life sorted out and a friend suggested The Cabin drug rehab, so I called them. I spoke to their psychologist and they said their success rate was high because of their 12-step program, so a couple of days later I went. My family helped me with the $14,000 fees.

I recognised Grant as soon as I saw him. I didn’t expect him to be there – would anyone? But now I understand that ice is pretty big in Australia and a lot of people are users.  Like all of us, Grant had tried and failed to get clean before.  Everyone tries and fails, but his main reason was that drugs in a relationship doesn’t work. It’s too unstable, so of course they wanted to get clean to save that. That’s what they said.
In group therapy, we all shared our experience – what we were going through and what we were struggling with. It helps to hear about other people and what they’re going through. You know you’re not alone and you form a bond.

I’m not going to go into all the details. They deserve that privacy and I don’t think that’s right. The reason I came forward is because I’m owning up to it. But Grant didn’t own up. He says he was in rehab for exhaustion! Well, that’s true because you don’t sleep when you’re on meth!

Drugs in Australia are worse than people think. It’s a disease and it takes control. You’re a passenger in your own body. When I read the article online I saw some comments from people.

Someone wrote that the story came out because, “Some drug addict is getting paid to tell their story,” which also made me want to come forward. I think it’s disgusting that someone who hasn’t gone through addiction or knows the situation to say “some drug addict”. That’s the reason Grant hasn’t come out – that kind of attitude.

He needs to, though – it’s the only way he’ll get better. That’s what the experts told us. I have bettered my life by admitting it. It’s not a disgrace that affects minorities – it’s going on around you. Your neighbours are addicts, people you walk past in the street every day are addicts. Grant looked like everyone in there – meth addicts, alcoholics, heroin users. We all looked the same. He looked withered away, really tired, skinny, old… He looked like he needed help.

The cabin said they were there for work exhaustion, executive burnout, anxiety, and PTSD – they’re all symptoms and side-effects of methamphetamine addiction. Just Google it and you’ll find out.
Of course it’s hard for Grant. He’s worried about his reputation, his job. And having money is the hardest part because a lot of people are forced to quit because they don’t have the money to buy it. But Grant has money, so temptation is really tough for him.

You have to hit rock bottom before you get better and after that it’s a lifelong battle. If I see someone I used to party with or go into a hotel where I once took cocaine it brings it all back. I have to fight that every day. Grant will be fighting it every day, too.  Look at Ben Cousins. He talks about his addictions. If Grant did it, people would respect that. I don’t care if people believe me. I’ve only come forward because I wanted to set the record straight. Grant is not a bad person. Not at all, no way! It’s a disease of the brain. It’s his reward – it’s how he gets his buzz.
A functioning addict can do anything anyone else can do. Taking drugs doesn’t change who you are that much. People may have noticed a few changes, but not a lot. I don’t want to hurt him. It’s not my motive. But I know people will hate him and me. We are drug addicts. When people hear you’re a drug user they think “bad person” and clutch their purses tight. That’s the reality.
But in therapy I was in a roomful of normal people. Seven Australians from all walks of life and people need to know it goes on everywhere.  Each day we battle a sober life and I know that’s going to be for the rest of our lives.

In a statement released by Grant’s agent, both the former Sunrise star and his wife deny the drug claims.

"Grant and Chezzi Denyer are saddened by the highly defamatory article in this week’s," Woman's Day magazine. "The couple have been under immense stress in recent months due to Grant dealing with chronic fatigue brought on by exhaustion and an ongoing unknown stomach illness. Chezzi has also been dealing with PTSD and anxiety issues resulting from Grant's condition. "The wellness centre they attended in Thailand specialises in the treatment of PTSD and exhaustion and they spent four weeks there to finally address these ongoing health concerns. "With their conditions now under control, they are healthier and happier than they have ever been. Grant, Chezzi and their young daughter Sailor are an extremely tight family unit and the hurtful and irresponsible article has hit them hard. "They wish to thank their family, close friends, Channel 7 and members of the media who continue to support them through these tough times. "Claims that the couple have a drug addiction and that Grant recently lost his Channel 7 contract are both false. "They are currently taking legal advice on what action can be taken against the magazine. "No further comment will be made. We request that you please respect the family's privacy at this time."