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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Magda Szubanski tries Jenny Craig again

Last weekend, Magda Szubanski was seen walking with a cane. When she was ambassador for Jenny Craig three years ago, she lost 35 kilos and looked fantastic but she didn't reach her goal weight loss of 40 kilos and now she's back to try again.

Magna's health isn't good.  While writing her biography and not exercising, the weight gradually crept back on.  She has a serious sleep apnoea problem and bad knee pain.

"When I think about the level of fitness I had, how great I felt....and how I lost it, let it go, I feel incredibly sad" she said.  What she doesn't realize is that most women know exactly how she feels, it takes huge amounts of self-discipline to keep it off, something most of us don't have.

Every day we see people with thin genes stuffing their faces with burgers and pies, and it makes no difference to their weight.  They will never get fat and have no need for scales in their bathroom. And they never have to undergo a punishing exercise regime either, they can eat their way through life without a care in the world.

People don't realize how important genes are in regard to our health and body weight.  If you have the cancer gene in your family you must get tested because there's a good chance you have it too and the same principle applies to weight.  Just look through old family photos to discover where you got your size and shape from - it's all there.

Jenny Craig's offer of $1.25 million to drop the kilos again is a huge incentive for Magna but it's still hard work.  Being starved and having to exercise every day is depressing and the will to give it up, especially at 52, will be overwhelming.

Being denied one of the most important pleasures in life is cruel and if Magna can achieve her goal, she deserves a medal.