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Monday, March 17, 2014

Missing plane links to Malaysian corruption

If the captain of the missing plane wanted to make a political protest by bringing world attention to the corrupt Malaysian government, he's done it in spades. 

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah is a political activist, seen here wearing a Democracy is Dead T-shirt and is a passionate supporter of former deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim who faced court on a trumped-up charge of sodomy.  The captain was reported to be "upset" when he was found guilty and sentenced to five years jail, just hours before he took control of MH370 and 238 lives.


Anwar is opposition leader and thorn in the side of the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) who have ruled Malaysia for 56 years. He heads a coalition of parties, including his own, and has dedicated his life to stamping out political corruption.

Zaharie is estranged from his wife, even though they share the same house.  They have three children but yesterday, the maid was the only one at home.


Experts say only a skilled aviator could have disabled the plane's transponder and communications systems and flown over the Indian Ocean using navigational way points. Captain Zaharie has those skills.

Malaysia has one of the highest levels of bribery and corruption in the world.  Most people didn't know that before MH370 went missing, but they do now.

Praying for those on board at Friday prayers