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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Muslims guilty of glorifying Lee Rigby's murder

Hatred still runs deep in the heart of some crazy radicalized Muslims in the UK.  Within hours of British soldier Lee Rigby's brutal murder on a London street last year, Royal Barnes 23, and wife Rebekah Dawson 22, made three videos glorifying his death. They sent the videos - containing graphic images of a man holding a decapitated head and scenes of the Rigby murder - out to friends the next day.

Royal Barnes

In 2012, Barnes was one of the ring leaders of the socalled Muslim Patrol, a group who prowled east London streets shouting "Kill the non-believers."  They were all rounded up, sent to jail and back on the streets in no time.

Rebekah Dawson

Judge Brian Barker told the couple "No one is entitled to advocate a perverted use of idiology to glorify murder on the streets of London.  Freedom of speech has long been jealously regarded by the law but with freedom of speech comes respect and responsibility."  

Barnes was sentenced to 26 months for each of the three counts and Dawson 20 months each, to run concurrently.

In one of the videos Dawson took a photo of Barnes laughing as they drive past the spot where Rigby was killed, piled high with floral tributes.  Not long after, Dawson sends Barnes a text "Babe, someone has reported the laughing video and it's been removed."

It's not Dawson's first visit to court.  She made headlines last year when she refused to show her face in court charged with intimidating a witness.  She was outraged when a man allowed two female tourists entry into a mosque who were not appropriately covered up.  When her brother, another convert, decided to teach him a lesson, the victim went to police and they were both charged.

The presiding judge in that case was Peter Murphy who initially said she had to remove her burqa in court but after intense pressure from her female lawyer, he relented.  But he still insisted that she show her face to the jury when she gave evidence in the witness box.  She refused, saying it was against her religion to show her face to men, and waived her right to give her side of the story. 

When the jury couldn't agree on a verdict and she was faced with another trial, she finally admitted her guilt, but not until a deal was struck with prosecutors to drop the case against her brother who was facing the same charge.

Rigby killers Muslim converts Michael Adebolajo (left) and Michael Adebowale 

Dawson, known to police for shop lifting and other offences, comes from a devoutly Christian family, as did the Rigby killers.  She only became obsessed with covering up competely in 2012.  Her family was shocked when she turned up at a relative's funeral wearing the burqa.

Her great uncle, Gilbert Bell, said her Jamaican-born grandmother worked as a nurse at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. "My sister Dulcie would turn in her grave if she knew how Rebekah was carrying on" he said. "Dulcie was very religious and a committed church-goer."

Her father Christopher 54, served five years for trying to smuggle cannabis into the UK from Ethiopia.

Rebekah Dawson has proved just how easy it is to make a mockery of British justice.  Not one, but two judges bowed to her will, and caved in under pressure to uphold the "freedom of religion" law. And it will be used to checkmate every court in the land.