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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Orphaned Lawrence brothers get to keep the house

Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw, reporter Brady Halls (far right) and orphaned brothers Jarrod, Blake and Dylan Lawrence.

Life hasn't been kind to the Lawrence brothers. Jarrod Lawrence's father passed away a few years ago and last month he was asked to make the final decision about when to turn his mother's life support off. He turned 19 on the day of her funeral.  Suddenly Jarrod and his two younger brothers, Blake 16 and Dylan 14, were orphans. But the heartache isn't over, Dylan is recovering from brain surgery to have tumours removed.

Tracy Grimshaw

Channel 9's A Current Affair stepped in and opened a trust fund in their name and so far $1.1 million has been raised....and counting. Small business, big business and the general public, rich and poor, were overwhelmed with sympathy for the boys and followed through with cash donations into their bank account.

ACA's executive producer Grant Williams said "to see the boys go into the bank this morning to find a million dollars sitting in the account was simply breathtaking.  This was only possible with the phenomenal generosity of A Current Affair's viewers right around Australia and we thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts."

Eldest Brother Jarrod has been left with a huge responsibility on his shoulders.  He was all set to leave university to help support the family and pay off substantial debts, including a large mortgage, but now he doesn't have to.  "It means we get to keep the house" he said.