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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sarah Monahan should sue Channel 7

Sarah Monahan should sue Channel 7 for millions after what they did to her - gave Robert Hughes permission to sexually abuse her and other cast members of Hey Dad.  But she won't sue which lets them off the hook, all she wants is an apology. "I don't want to deal with court anymore" she said.

Hughes has his hand under the script, confident and secure

We must now wait to see how Channel 7 responds.  Do they think they have a moral obligation to acknowledge what happened and apologise for it or will they continue their present tactic of ignoring the whole affair?  They knew what Hughes was up to because fellow actors Simone Buchanan and Ben Oxenbould told them, but they didn't want to know.

"My lesson in professionalism was to shut up about the paedophile" Ben said.  His acting career suffered and so did Simone Buchanan's. Ben said he was passed over for many parts.  "I've had executive producers say to me 'Benny, we wanted you for that role mate'.....and I think, but mate what? I'm not the bad guy here" Ben said.

Simone Buchanan

Robert Hughes was given permission to destroy Sarah Monahan's life by Channel 7's producers of Hey Dad.  They deprived her of the love and support of her mother who she hasn't spoken to since she went public.  Her mother-in-law has now taken her place.

Ben Oxenbould today

If Sarah Monahan hadn't appeared on A Current Affair to tell her story, his other victims would never have come forward and Robert Hughes wouldn't be in jail.  We await his sentencing date with interest.

Sarah is currently living in Texas with her American husband Matt Morris.  In 2011 she joined the Texas State Guard Medical Brigade, a branch of the Texas Military Forces whose focus is on humanitarian missions.