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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

UK Muslim plot to oust head teachers

Birmingham MP Khalid Mahmood

A document has surfaced in the UK, known as the Trojan Horse, that is so shocking, some think it's a hoax.  It alleges that four Birmingham head teachers were pushed out so that radical Jihadist Islam could be taught. The letter, seen by the BBC reads:  "We have an obligation to our children to fulfill our roles and ensure these schools are run on Islamic principles."

At the centre of the scandal is Birmingham's Park View Academy where it's alleged that seventy thousand pounds was spent on loudspeakers to call pupils to prayers.  

It's alleged that moderate non-Muslim staff have been bullied and in one case, the teachings of an Al Qaeda-linked Muslim preacher were applauded.  Twenty five schools are now under investigation.

Birmingham MP Khalid Mahmood raised the alarm.  He said 20 teachers in his constituency told him about the plot.  "These are state schools, not Islamic" he said.  He is convinced that radical hardline fundamentalists from the Wahabi or Salafi sects were successfully removing traditional English heads and the document explains how they did it.

It states that parents could be encouraged to turn against the school leadership if they are told that their school is "corrupting their children with sex education, teaching about homosexuals, making their children pray Christian prayers and carrying out mixed swimming and sport." 

The letter goes on to explain how these methods have been used successfully in Birmingham and asks the recipient to identify schools in predominantly Muslim areas in Bradford.  It reads: "Operation Trojan Horse has been very carefully thought through and is tried and tested within Birmingham, implementing it in Bradford will not be difficult for you."

Trojan Horse 5 Steps

  • Identify 'target schools' based in Muslim areas
  • Select a group of Salafi parents within the school community because they are "most committed to Islam" and "once charged up, they keep going for longer."
  • Install a governor within the school to "drip feed" ideals for a Muslim school
  • Identify "weak and disgruntled staff" and encourage them to complain so an external investigation is launched.
  • Instigate an anonymous letter campaign to local MPs, education authorities and others

One of the schools being investigated cancelled its annual visit from Santa last year.  Teacher Vicky Hubble who organised the event at the Ladypool Primary School was told by the new Muslim headmaster Huda Aslam to cancel it. There would be no presents exchanged and no mention of Jesus, he said, instead there would be sing-alongs for the children like Jingle Bells.  She complained to Birmingham Council who forced him to reinstate the Christmas Assembly but Santa was banned.

Peter Clarke

Peter Clarke, the anti-terror police chief who led the investigation into the 7/7 London bombings, has been appointed Education Commissioner and will review all the evidence.