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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Baby Gammy's parents get to keep baby Pipah

David John Farnell, a convicted paedophile, went to Thailand with his wife to seek a surrogate.  A deal was struck with a woman who gave birth to twins - Gammy a boy with Downs Syndrome and his twin, a baby girl.  

The surrogate said the parents didn't want anything to do with Gammy but were happy to take the little girl home.

One would assume that when it was discovered that the father was a convicted paedophile who sexually abused two girls under 13 and served three years in jail, social services would step in and take the baby away but this didn't happen.  The baby Pipah is being sent home and will remain in the custody of the couple.

Thai surrogate mother Pattaramon Chanbua poses with baby Gammy. 

I think WA Child Protection Minister Helen Morton has made a terrible mistake sending this child back into the arms of her father. We all know paedophiles can't be cured so what is she thinking?

She's decided that the appointment of a child lawyer, a safety plan and continued monitoring by the department is going to guarantee her safety.

"I am satisfied that the rigorous safety planning and interim orders that have been granted by the WA Family Court will provide for this child's safety" she said.

Well Ms Morton, this child's future is on your head.