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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Jacqui Lambie - champion of the underdog

When Jacqui Lambie was young, she joined the Army and lost a stripe for punching a colleague.  She left after 11 years due to a back injury caused from carrying a 40 kg pack on a two-day course. Veterans Affairs said she was malingering and it took her five long years of fighting before she was finally granted a disability pension.

Since leaving the Army, Jacqui's life was tough and at her lowest point, she even contemplated suicide.  This is why people are calling her 'champion of the underdog' because she knows what it's like out there on struggle street.

For the 2013 election, she tried and failed for Liberl pre-selection so decided to run as an independent.  But when Clive Palmer came along and invited her to join his new PUP Party, she happily agreed because she knew she had no chance of bankrolling her own independent campaign.

So one would expect her to have a modicum of respect for Clive Palmer, but apparently not. Jacqui has decided she doesn't like Clive anymore and has cut off all communication with PUP members and won't attend their meetings.

Today Clive has hit back by sacking her as deputy Senate leader and deputy whip of the Palmer United Party.  "We haven't asked her to leave, she's a member of PUP and was elected as a PUP Senator and she should follow our procedures like the Labor Party or the Liberal Party" he said.

Some are calling Jacqui Lambie a Bogan but it doesn't matter, all she has to do is keep on saying "I just want to do something positive for Tasmania" and she can't lose.  If only we had a representative this stubborn to represent us.

Clive called her a "drama queen" who won't change things on her own.  "The only way we can bring some meaningful change to Tasmania is by having our whole team of Senators voting together and me negotiating with the government to ensure we get some real change in Tasmania, that's the only way it can happen" he said.

I feel a bit sorry for Clive, I'm sure he never expected such disloyalty - he made her famous and now she's dropped him.  She doesn't need him anymore and is ready to join the growing group of other powerful independent rebels who can change the course of our country.