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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The drug that killed Georgina Bartter

The drug that killed Georgina Bartter - the beautiful 19 year old girl who died after taking one and a half tablets of MDMA last weekend, was called a "purple speaker" - a stamped tablet thought to have originated in Europe.

Now an anonymous man who attended the Harbour Harbourlife Dance Festival last Saturday night says that taking MDMA at dance parties is the norm and much more socially acceptable than getting drunk on alcohol.  

Georgina Bartter

He said the police dogs were a waste of time.  After being sniffed, he walked into the Harbourlife festival with six MDMA capsules in his underwear.  

Most people put their drugs in their underwear because police would have to strip you naked to check, and they won't do that. Sniffer dogs have more success with powders like cocaine and heroine, he said.

The capsules cost him $40 each and he took one every couple of hours with a few beers in between. The tablets were plain black, unlike the purple pills that killed Georgina Bartter.

"I met plenty of people using MDMA, including a corporate lawyer from a well-known law firm" he said.  "He was there with his wife and they took a large number of pills, I think he took four."

He went on "It's far more prevalent than people think and it's not junkies taking these things, it's people with white colar jobs, that's how widespread it is.  I get them through a social network, through friends, that's how the vast majority of people get them - it's not from dodgy underworld bikie dealers."

"A friend of mine gets them for me on the Thursday night from a drug dealer.  I usually go to three or four festivals a year and I'll take MDMA, but I don't do it on the weekends, unless it's a 21st or something."

" removes inhibitions.....people just want to feel good, they just want to be happy at these events."

So these young people, who we assume are reasonably intelligent, are prepared to swallow an MDMA tablet, not knowing what it contains, yet convinced that it won't hurt them.  The mind boggles.