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Monday, November 10, 2014

Georgina Bartter dies at Sydney dance party

The Harbourlife Dance Festival went ahead on Saturday night at Mrs Macquarie's Chair, even though a young woman died after taking one and a half tablets of ecstasy.

At around 4.40 in the afternoon Georgina Bartter was found by paramedics, lying at the bottom of stairs convulsing and by the time she arrived at hospital, she had gone into cardiac arrest.

Afternoon crowd gathering

The event was advertised as "the annual outdoor dance festival with one of the best views on the planet....price $115."

Georgina, from longueville on Sydney's North Shore, had only just returned from a European holiday during a study break from university. She graduated from Wenona private school last year and was one of their brightest students.

She was the eldest of three children and the daughter of Simon Bartter who once owned Bartter-Steggles, one of the biggest poultry companies in the country.

Professor Fulde, director of St Vincents Hospital emergency was on duty on Saturday night and gives an account of what happened.

"We were notified by ambulance through the emergency red phone and informed of a critically ill 19 year old girl who was thought to have taken pills.  A full resuscitation team, led by a consultant, several senior emergency doctors and nurses who had all practised roles got ready, awaiting the patient.
As she was critical, within minutes, the intensive care consultant and team were mobilised and rushed down.  It was quickly evident the only chance of survival was to put her on a heart lung machine.
This equipment mechanically gives her blood flow and oxygen.  The cardiothoracic surgeon and operation theatre staff and the hi-tech mechine were brought.  During this time, advanced life support tests were continuing."

But it was too late, she didn't make it.

When will they ever learn?