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Thursday, February 19, 2015

How Aussie ISIS member got welfare

Khalid Sharrouf

It was a mystery.  How did able-bodied Muslim youths, who have never had a job, manage to get the Disability Pension?  Now we know. Police call it the Disability Pension scam.

Psychiatrist Ishrat Ali treated Islamic State terrorist Khalid Sharrouf before he went to Syria and started cutting heads off. He even posted pictures of his 7 year old son holding up severed head.

Dr Ali was the man who enabled this brutal killer to get the Australian Disability Pension and his office was raided by AFP who took all his files.

Sharouff was still drawing his fortnightly $766 disability pension cheque when he left Australia.

Dr Ali claims he signed off on reports that Sharrouf was mentally disabled based on an assessment by psychologist Dr Joseph D'Silva, whose office was also raided.

Sharrouf paid D'Silva $500 that falsely supported him receiving the pension.  But surveillance cameras caught him busily running his store in a shopping centre, perfectly healthy, without assistance. Then it was discovered he was a company director.

Sharouff's pension was cancelled and he was ordered to repay $18,757.49.  He tried to have the order reversed at the Appeals Tribunal last month but his case was dismissed.