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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Kitchen Rules integrity on the line

It was only a matter of time before My Kitchen Rules - the most popular reality show in Australia - was shown up for what it is.  It's not a group of ordinary Aussies trying to win a cooking show but a contrived production piece, made up of people with personality, capable of acting a part.

New wife Carol Molloy

And there was no one better at it than Adam Andersen, who came on with his wife and went straight to the top of the leader board.

ex-wife Cindy

Suddenly the tennis coach's past came back to haunt him and thanks to A Current Affair  his ex-wife Cindy told us what type of man he really is.

He and Cindy have five children aged between 8 and 15, and he owes her $36,000 in child support payments.

He seems to have forgotten all about them since marrying his MKR partner Carol Molloy.  He never asks to see them, never rings them and doesn't even send a birthday card.  They suddenly ceased to exist.

The former tennis pro made a statement the day after the show went to air. "Obviously I would like to spend more time with them" he said.  Oh, really?

He went on.  "Any split from a former wife is going to be tough and yeah, it is tough. Things end because both parties are unhappy, if everything was great, we'd still be together."  But he made no mention of the $36,000 he owes his children.

Then it was revealed that Andersen has personal dealings with Pete Evans.  Cindy claims he coached Evans and later the chef employed him at his former restaurant, Hugo's at Kings Cross.

This revelation puts MKR's integrity in serious doubt. 

It seems that Andersen's efforts to evade capture by the Child Support Agency have been successful, even though he boasts about being tennis coach at private elite schools.

When his ex-wife read on the MKR website about his happy relationship with his new wife and that his children "visited as often as they can", she snapped.

She wrote to Channel 7 asking for confirmation that Andersen was being paid by the network so she could make arrangements to have his child support "garnished" from his TV wages.

A Channel 7 spokesperson said "Production did not received the letter."  His ex-wife has a copy of it. 

"This is a private matter between the parties involved, therefore Channel 7 has no further comment."