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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Muslim mother brings son home from Syria

Jihadist's mother, known only as Linda

When a British mother discovered her son had gone to Syria to fight with ISIS, she went to Turkey and brought him back.  But now she warns authorities that Britain is at risk of terrorist attacks similar to those in Paris if help isn't forthcoming immediately to rehabilitate extremists.

While her son has now rejected terrorism, there are hundreds of Jihadists returning to the UK who have been scarred by their bloody participation with ISIS, she said.

She told BBC's Inside Out London programme last night that her son is traumatised and has not received any help from government agencies.

Linda is a 45 year old single mother from north London who converted to Islam with James two years ago.

Out of 300 jihadists who have returned to the UK, MI5 claims they pose the biggest threat to national security.  Crown Prosecution Service figures show that only six have been convicted of terrorism.

The government has a number of de-radicalization programmes in place but not all returning jihadists are offered places.  A spokesman for the Home Office said it could not comment on individual cases.

She told the programme:  "I have to be very careful around him about what I say and do, I don't want to upset him.  It's still a very sensitive subject.  At times, I have been left scared in my own home, I've had to be his friend, I've had to be his counsellor, since he's been back, he's needed a lot of care and attention and a lot of support."

"It's been difficult for him to get any empathy and understanding from anyone else."