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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Refugee exodus to Italy

A fishing boat from Tunisia in north Africa arrives on the southern Italian island of Lampedusa.

Mohammed Ali Malek was charged with multiple manslaughter when he arrived in Malta on an Italian rescue ship with 24 dead migrants who drowned under his control.  It's alleged that he crashed into the ship which had come to rescue him.  His accomplice, a 26 year old Syrian, has also been arrested.

Nine hundred souls drowned under his watch and a dozen survivors are being closely guarded as they become the most important witnesses in an official criminal investigation into the wreck of their boat.

Mohammed Ali Malek biting his nails


So far, there have been around 200,000 refugees who have made it safety to Italy, most of them rescued by the Italian Navy and Coastguard.  But with little respect for human life, there are plenty more people smugglers just like Mohammed already on their way.

A little time later, Mohammed is seen here grinning and sharing conversation with some of the survivors.

Italy's long coastline makes it one of EU's main targets for migrants and because of sheer stupidity and political correctness by the Italian government, once landed, refugees are free to go anywhere they want, and  most have their sights set on London.

In another incident, almost 1,000 illegal immigrants landed safely in Italy after threatening to throw their babies into the sea if their ship was turned back.

The 240ft Monica had been spotted in international waters during the night and when Italian coastguard boats drew alongside, the crews were shocked to see men and women on board begin to dangle their babies over the side.

"They were hanging them over the side and told the coastguards not to come any closer or they would let them go.  Our men had never seen anything like it.  They only calmed down and let us aboard when we assured them they were in Italian waters and would not be taken back to where they sailed from" a coastguard spokesman said.

The ship was towed to the Sicilian port of Catania, where 400 men, 200 women and 361 children were taken to Red Cross shelters.

Australians understand the people smuggling business very well because we suffered the same problem for years under the Labor government.  And that's one of the reasons Tony Abbott came to power - he promised to "stop the boats" and he did, saving the country millions of dollars.

And he knew that the only way to do it was to get tough and change the policy.  Nobody who sets foot on Australian soil arriving by boat will ever be allowed to settle in Australia but will be sent to another country that doesn't have the same vibrant welfare system, like Papua New Guinea.

Once they realize their fate, these "economic refugees" are then given the opportunity to return home to where they came from.

I believe Britain is about to go to the polls and hope they vote for the man who promises to fix the problem.