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Thursday, April 23, 2015

William Tyrell suspect arrested

There is something very odd about this case.  When 3 year old William suddenly disappeared, you would expect to see the distraught parents pleading for his return but instead, after a long delay "friends of the family" were the ones to speak on their behalf.

Unconfirmed rumours emerged on Facebook about William's family history, they said it  was "complicated" and he could have been in the care of foster parents. 

Then we learn that the NSW Family and Community Services questioned Bill Spedding and his wife about the treatment of children in their care and three children were subsequently removed from their home shortly after.

In January, police did a thorough search of Spedding's property, they dug up his front lawn and drained a septic tank.  They also seized a computer and a mattress at his pawn shop/loans office in Laurieton. But nothing happened.

Then out of the blue yesterday, 22nd April 2015, a female relative of Spedding's made a statement to police and within an hour, they went to his home and arrested him.

He's been charged with five counts of sexual intercourse and two counts of common assault involving two little girls, aged 3 and 6.
The alleged offences were committed in Sydney in the 1980's.
But let's call it for what it really is - he's been accused of child rape.

Police have made it clear that these offences have nothing to do with the William Tyrell case.