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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The murder of Lee Allan Bonneau

Lee Allan Bonneau

It's hard to believe that a ten year old could inflict so much damage to a six year old boy, that his body looked like it had been in a shocking car wreck.

Forensic pathologist Dr Shaun Ladham said the child died from blunt force trauma and suffered multiple skull fractures - one on top of the other - like repeatedly smashing a window.  "Such fracturing of the skull does not happen easily, we are looking at considerable force" he said.

But bells should have been ringing loud and clear when it was discovered that the perpetrator, 10 year old known only as LT, was a very mentally sick child and his movements should have been monitored.  After a break-in, he killed a pregnant dog, cut the pups out of her body and then killed them all.

Social Services placed 6 year old Bonneau into the care of foster mother Mary Ramstead three months before he was murdered and on the evening of 21 August 2013, he went with her to play bingo on the Kahkewistahaw First Nation reserve.  Kahkewistahaw has a population of of around 1850 members with approximately 580 people living on the reserve.

Bonneau's foster mother saw him step outside to pet a dog around 8pm and initiated a search minutes later when he didn't return.  He was found 3 hours later in a field among gravel and tall weeds and after all efforts to revive him failed, he died shortly after midnight.

LT is too young to go to jail or even charged.  The inquest heard that a psychological assessment was being done because he said he was hearing voices.

The forensic evidence pointing to LT's guilt was overwhelming, including at least one bite mark on Bonneau's body which was linked to him by a dental expert.

The Ministry for Social Services defended their decision regarding Bonneau's care, but said policies for case work weren't always met.