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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A British dentist and a wisdom tooth

Art teacher David Baxter from Essex in the UK made an emergency appointment with Dr Tariq Mushtaq because his wisdom tooth was giving him a lot of pain. Dr Mushtaq took an X-ray and gave him three injections. After learning that his patient was $75 short of the final bill, Dr Mushtaq told him his tooth wouldn’t be removed until he had paid for the procedure in full.

Although Mr Baxter gave an assurance that he would be back tomorrow to pay the balance, he was told that no, all procedures must be paid for before treatment. So with a numb face from the forehead down he drove home to retrieve a cash card, returned to the surgery and paid the balance.

But he was kept waiting a further 40 minutes in the waiting room while the dentist was tied up with another patient and the anaesthetic was beginning to wear off.
When he finally go in the chair 'He tapped around a bit and asked if I could feel anything but I couldn't.

'He pulled my tooth out and it broke in half. He had to drill out the rest, when he got to the bottom I hit the ceiling. The pain was awful.

'He said I was being very brave.'
Nice one, Dr Mushtaq