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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Germans perform first double arm transplant

Karl Merk, a 54 year old German dairy farmer remembers the day of his horrific accident 6 years ago.

'The corn-shredder seemed to be broken and I wanted to check what was wrong,' he said. 'But the machine suddenly started up again as I was looking at it. It was raining that day and I slipped. 'I got one arm stuck in the machine and, as a reflex, I tried to get it out with my other arm and it was all over in five seconds’

When he was found by a co-worker he begged ‘Kill me, please kill me’.

Surgeons at the Munich University Clinic in Germany took 16 hours to graft the donor arms onto Mr Merk’s body.

There was still a risk of rejection but doctors are hopeful he will be able to leave hospital in four to six weeks.

Amidst all the doom and gloomy news, today there is a bright spark of hope because our brilliant medical professionals all over the world continue to perform miracles like this.