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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bali Bombers to die hating non-believers

Two hundred and two people died at Kuta Beach in Bali on October 12th 2002, including 88 Australians. The first suicide bomber walked into Paddy’s bar and set off his bomb in the middle of a crowd of customers. The second bomber waited for everyone to run into the street and set off a Mitsubishi loaded with explosive parked outside the Sari Nightclub.

For Ali Ghufron alias Mukhlas (left), Imam Samudera (centre) and Amrozi (right) it seems that their execution is now imminent. At last these three men who have only recently spoken of their hatred for Australians and warned us to stay away from Bali, will finally be executed by firing squad. They show no remorse for their crimes but incredibly appear to be extremely proud of it.

They will be executed by firing squads consisting of 14 members each, at three different locations, at exactly the same time. They will aim for their hearts, guided by a reflective device on their clothing. Indonesian authorities will quickly remove the bodies by helicopter because of the likelihood that hard-line supporters will be out in force.

Yesterday in Jakarta, text messages were circulating warning of terrorist attacks where Westerners gather, like shopping malls, bars, night clubs etc. Amrozi, Mukhlas and Imam Samudra have many faithful followers.

Amrozi said his targets were anti-Muslims, especially people from the USA, Australia and members of Nato. What would he say to the families of his victims? “To Muslim people I would say pardon, but Muslims only. While the unbelievers – they must be entering into hell. Allah says to all unbelievers that this road will bring you to hell” he said

A smiling Amrozi said “My smile is my weapon, it makes my enemies upset. This is a very special weapon for jihad.”

Bring it on!