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Thursday, October 23, 2008

No sex for Madonna

Would you believe that Madonna and Guy Richie haven’t had sex for 18 months? How can that be you wonder, she’s supposed to be a very sexy bird.

But last weekend a British newspaper suggested that Guy Richie got fed up and has walked away from their marriage. Apparently she spends half the day working out at the gym and afterwards, she’s too tired to make love so near the end, Guy just wouldn’t be there anymore, he’d go to the pub with his mates. He says it’s like cuddling up to a ‘piece of gristle’, she’s lost all her soft bits and replaced them with muscle. Boy, this man knows how to hurt.

After a comment like that, it’s any wonder she’s hired Paul McCartney’s lawyer, Nicholas Mostyn QC, I bet she’ll have his guts for garters.