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Friday, April 22, 2011

Bernard Finnigan Arrested

More grief for the Labor Party. Bernard Finnigan has been charged over allegations of child pornography. Finnigan, who is the most senior MP in the SA Upper House has resigned and will not be replaced. Premier Rann said he had accepted Finnigan's resignation from Cabinet and the Executive Council.

Born in Mt Gambier in 1972, Mr Finnigan grew up on the family dairy farm at Eight Mile Creek. Right faction leader Senator Don Farrell paid tribute to Mr Finnigan in his maiden speech in the Senate in 2008, describing him as being "a tower of strength in times of trouble".

In Finnigan's maiden speech in 2006, he paid tribute to his parents for his Catholic faith. "I would like to acknowledge that, despite my stumbles along the way and however imperfect my efforts, I am a servant of Christ and subject of His reign in history," he said.