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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

British send Officers to Benghazi

A team of 10 British officers are being sent to Benghazi to provide logistics and intelligence training for the rebels fighting Gaddafi. British foreign secretary William Hague says they have acted in accordance with UN regulations which strictly forbids occupation. These officers will advise the rebels on how to distribute aid and deliver medical assistance, and will not be involved in any way with training or arming the rebels. The officers will not be in uniform.

It seems that Britain's first attempt to contact the Libyan rebels was laughable. A team of "special forces" officers entered the country illegally by helicopter in the dead of night, armed to the teeth and scared the daylights out of the rebels who quickly rounded them up. They were very concerned about their identities, worried they could be Israeli spies using British passports. We remember when the Israelis used British passports to kill that man in Dubai last year.

Let's hope their second attempt to help the rebels is better planned and more successful.